You’ll Never Believe How Much Money This Guy Makes Diving For Lost Golf Balls

If you think your job is hard – this guy dodges alligators for a living. 

glenn berger

Meet Glenn Berger, 40, from Florida, who 14 years ago was partially unemployed and stealing golf balls out of a golf course lake near his home when a million-dollar idea struck him.  Sell the golf balls.


Berger’s bizarre but lucrative business which has him diving down in the water hazards off some of Florida’s finest golf courses, has earned him over $15 million!


He estimates personally retrieving 1.3 to 1.7 million balls per year, which he then cleans and sells back to golf courses at about $1 a pop. Not a bad gig if you don’t mind a few run-ins with alligators, venomous cottonmouth snakes and snapping turtles.