Tourist Captures This Image Of Mysterious Sea Monster And Experts Are Baffled

A British tourist on a boat cruise with his family in Corfu, Greece was left in shock after he discovered a weird “creature” in his vacation pictures.

mysterious sea creature

Harvey Robertson, 52, was holding his camera over the side of the boat and taking pictures of the sea as they sailed through sea caves with his family.

But when he lifted his camera back up, Harvey discovered a mysterious creature had appeared in one of the frames.

mysterious sea creature

Harvey said: “I have no idea what it could have been, I have never seen anything like it.”

Neither have marine biologists, who are just as baffled.  Some say it could be a Cuvier’s beaked whale, which have been known to frequent the Mediterranean, others have speculated that it could be the “love child of a hippo and crocodile”—but so far, no one has any idea.

mysterious sea creature

Hmmm … Loch Ness monster?