Father And Son Duo Accused Of Stealing $41,000 Worth Of Chicken Wings

Two employees of a Syracuse restaurant are facing hot, hot charges of grand larceny after being accused of stealing more than $41,000 worth of chicken wings.

The father-son pair, Paul (56) and Joshua (33) Rojek, were both employed as cooks at the Twin Trees Two restaurant.


The pair allegedly billed large orders of wings to the restaurant’s business account and would sell them to other restaurants and “on the street” at reduced prices.

The scheme definitely falls between “medium” to “hot and honey BBQ” on the scale of criminal ingenuity.

The Rojek’s would pick up the orders and re-sell them, and later destroy evidence and withhold the sales transactions receipts for those orders.

stolen chicken wings

They’re facing charges including grand larceny in the third degree and falsifying business records in the first degree. They appeared in court Nov. 24 where a judge set their bail at a “mild” $2,500.