9 Clever Hiding Spots For Your Valuables

When it comes to hiding our valuables, most of us opt for a safety deposit box at the bank or a fireproof home safe, while others are tucking cash and jewelry into the backs of sock drawers and underneath mattresses. There’s no arguing which is better, but running to the bank safety deposit box every time you need something just won’t cut it. That’s why it’s important to know the best places in your home that thieves wouldn’t dream of looking in a million years.

Here’s 9 of them that hopefully you don’t forget that you’ve hidden stuff there!

1 – Stash It In A Snack

hiding spots

Wrap your stuff in a small bag then slide it into a clear glass container holding some sort of snack, like popcorn kernels or rice. They not only look nice in your kitchen, but no one would ever suspect that they’re hiding valuables.