10 Celebrities You Didn’t Realize Were Battling Mental Illness

Rich and famous celebrities may seem to have it made, but they have problems just like the rest of us. Every year, an estimated 43 million American adults cope with some sort of mental illness. And since mental illness doesn’t discriminate, some of our favorite celebrities have been battling mental illnesses for years.  Thanks to their openness and willingness to discuss their diagnoses and treatments we are slowly breaking down the stigma that surrounds mental health.

Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)


Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps was diagnosed with ADHD in sixth grade when his teachers noticed he was often distracted and fidgety in the classroom. He was prescribed Ridalin for years but eventually he weaned off and and learned to use the power of his mind to focus on his school work and control himself in the classroom. “Your mind is the strongest medicine you can have … You can overcome anything if you think you can and you want to.”